• Playermodels (Detectives for instance) DO NOT reset after a round start
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So i´ve got the problem that IF a player enters a custom model for instance the Detective role or particular SWEP´s that change the model, he will not be reset as soon as another round starts. Resulting in ALL players looking like the detective sooner or later. any idea why that might be ? (im really new to this and kind of lost to be fair )
and what gamemode are we even talking about here? TTT?
Ye TTT , sorry shouldve specified that
TTT should change the model back to the original on round restart. Are you sure maybe it's not TTT2? I know TTT2 has this issue when Pointshop is installed on the server for example.
Didnt think it could be TTT2 , i dont have Pointshop on it tho
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