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Hello, people. So i have little question, i need to make script which checks if server has n online then connect to second server, you know redirection. So correct if i'm wrong - i need to write script in PlayerInitialSpawn hook with checking by for k,v in pairs players.GetAll() > n then RunConsoleCommand, yes? Thanks for responding
And why would you want to make a script that redirects players to a other server? Im getting flashbacks to backdoors
No, you understand it wrong It needs for if #1 server is full then redirect people to #2 server
If server #1 is full how would people even join it to get redirected this just stinks of a backdoor tbh
oh no no no one's going to help you with this because A) sounds exactly like a backdoor as said above B) is impossible as said above C) is just dumb if that's really what you want to do, just tell your players there's a second server or something sorry for the repetition i just really wanted to make that first-line joke
lol i didnt even think of that. Right, makes the whole idea pointless
Nope, i mean full not 50/50 for example, maybe close to full, you know 47/50 and when 48's player is join, it get redirected to another
Here's an idea: Limit your server package to 47-48 players if you only want that much on one server.
Not trying to be a dick, but do you really host a community so large that you have over 50 concurrent players? I mean that’s a pretty good number, and usually servers with numbers this large have good developers that wouldn’t have to ask how to do this...
i HIGHLY doubt you will reach a server that becomes so huge that you actually need a second server to redicrect them. This is gmod, not minecraft with thousands of players at one server (like hungergames server. Probably not the case anymore, but thats what i remember). But a GMod server with so many players that makes you need a second server all the time, wont happen
People will not understand that this is a redirect to second server
It seems that all he wants it to redirect players to another server when they are connecting or connected. That shouldn't be possible when connecting, because no Lua can be ran while connecting as far as I know, but when connected it should work.
Although this could theoretically be used as a back door, the fact that hes asking for help on just the redirection part, tells me that he wouldn't have the skill or knowledge to make it work as a back door.
I mean if you really want to do that, you already know what you need to do you stated the things you need earlier sooo go on?
lol guys, i just asked if im right with way, because i haven't access to computer to check code, why so toxic? Btw, that script may be useful in future, so why not?
No, it would not work because of the way gmod handles commands run on client automatically by the server.
Here is adequate answer, thank you buddy. P.S: Omg, so much "Dumb" spam, is guys getting sexual satisfaction by spamming it?
The "Dumb"ratings are being used for exacly that. Showing a person that his comment is dumb. And the rules even once said "If you get alot of Dumb ratings, dont complain about it, accept that your dumb" Or something really close to these lines
// somethink like this local redirects = 5 // slots for redirect timer.Simple(0, function() if #player.GetAll() < #player.GetAll() - redirects then return end LocalPlayer():ConCommand("connect") end)
Holy shit, using LocalPlayer():ConCommand on client is a sin
i'm accept i dumb sometimes i have some issues with brain because of kickboxing, no joking, but i ain't insult anyone so they acting with me like that
Yeah, that's just one line of code, but man, all these non-sense posts, it's just time spent on nothing. Why couldn't you people just give straight answer to OP?
cause we wont help something that heavily sounds like cheats/hacks/backdoors
How exactly does this sound like a backdoor? I don't see anything wrong, he wants a server redirection. Not the most practical/wise thing to do, but I fail to see the backdoor in this. Please enlighten me, somebody.
I can already see the "Dumb" ratings coming in on my post now, but meh... There have been several reports on backdoors that make you connect to some random weird server, either while joining someone elses server, or even starting singleplayer. So when someone now ask how to "redirect" to a "second server they have" it just sounds like a backdoor because it does the same thing. Connecting the player to a other server, unwillingly.
Now that I think of it, instead of forcing the redirect on the player, a pop-up window would be more suitable to offer the option to join a second server. If you don't know how to make this, then why did you even bother asking in the first place, this is basic stuff, if you are the server owner, you should be able to handle things like this.
I know how to do pop-up window, lol, but first of all i have to start from core and then make interface, isn't it? Btw, i already refused that "redirect" idea.
what "core"? making derma windows, a button and then running a command is suuuuper simple. like, every derma tutorial part 1 basic
No one asked you to be a knight in a cape.
I fail to see any sense in your insults.
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