• Fix for Fix for Crotch Weapons in TTT
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Yes, "fix for" twice. I have some weapons with models that are not displayed in-hand, and I don't know the first thing about modeling, so I've been trying to find lua solutions to fix them. I have tried using the code on: WEAPON/DrawWorldModel and https://forum.facepunch.com/gmoddev/nfoj/Crotch-guns-in-TTT-with-custom-SWEP-s/1/ (in separate instances, of course, not both at the same time) and they each have their own issues. Scenario A: When there are two of the same weapon on the screen at the same time, they will fight to draw, IE only one will be drawn at a time, seemingly randomly while they're moving at all. When they are both at rest, only one will draw still. Scenario B: Occasionally when a weapon in dropped, mainly by death, a phantom model will remain where the player was holding it. Not all the time, and I haven't been able to reliably reproduce. Funny thing is I don't know which link yields which scenario :v Anyway, I've tried adding additional checks for whether or not the owner is alive, or valid, and none of them can solve the issue. Don't give me code, but if anyone knows why either of the aforementioned issues occur, I'd appreciate to know. Thanks for reading, and I hope someone has a solution!
Fixed, for anyone else who might have this issue, added a modified version of the SWEP_Construction_Kit/base_code.lua at master · Clavus/SWEP_Cons.. to the TTT weapon base, added a self.Owner validity check at line 187, and used the Construction Kit to hide the worldmodel but use worldmodel elements to position the worldmodel in the player's hand. What a day.
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