• Victorious Hud Issue
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On my server i use Victorious HUD I can not figure out how to get rid of the bar on the top of the screen or how to enable the overhead hud when i look at other players please help.
gmodstore = no help from us gmodstore = make a support ticket
So I don´t need to write it again and again.
...what? I tell you to go on gmodstore and you reply with so you dont have to write it again and again? how does that make sense
Lol, I meant that I don't need to write to people who come here to request help with gmodstore addon to go and write to addon creator.
Okay..thats the only thing you can do tho. Here you will only have people telling you to ask the addon creator on gmodstore.
Why do u think so? U being so toxic and unintelligent.
because it is literally a rule on this forum, to not help people with paid addons. the rules themself tell you that if you have a gmodstore addon, no one will help you here.
Check my activity history, not whats this place. And why do we have to help with paid addons with problems like "wtf I bought it and it doesn't work help me guys". Without even a code of it. You pretty lost in here.
..ok? We still dont help with paid addons tho. If you do thats fine by me. But then you probably support people that used cracked addons. Instead of supporting the devs.
bruh reading your comments made me think I am having a stroke.
Was written on phone away from home.
he didnt talk about typos, but about your horrible english. and the words/order you used them
Maybe I write badly on phone because english is not my primary huh? It's harder then you think.  Whatever let's tell me that I didn't understand him again.
Guys, what ever fuck are you talking about here? Stop bumping this thread
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