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Well hello! I have a "little" problem with my TTT-Server... Sometimes (it seems random) my Server crashes when a new Round should start (so when all players are getting reseted and map too). I already debuged my Server like HELL and came to the result that the function "game.CleanUpMap()" is causing the crash.. I dont know why it is, but 100% it is. My Server is a Ubuntu 16.04 Machine. If you need any addon information just ask. I would be very very grateful if somebody could help me with this.. Thanks!
Hello Nick, I had the same issue. I could not fine away to fix it, but the way I got around it was moving my TTT server to a windows OS.
Can you post what addons you using? Maybe if can post crash log?
https://github.com/mcNuggets1/mg_ttt_anticrash Try my TTT anticrash (which is pretty simple)
I already read that, but that would not be an option for me :/
@TheNickSkater this link from @mcNuggets doesn't help because this crash a) has nothing to do with ragdolls and b) is already included in your collection
Yeah i did see that I have it. Well even if I create an Issue, they would probably also ask for something I cant provide.. like a crash log. Yes I did see that there are already some crashes documented, but I cant think of anything on my Server that would be part of this.. I dont have anything unusual :/
Actually ragdoll related crashs are the most common reasons for TTT servers crashing. game.CleanUpMap can crash the game, but it is uncertain in which cases it does. A crash log is needed for the developers to take a look at, though.
Well yeah I see.. My problem is actually exact same as here (TTT server crashing when game.CleanUpMap() gets called), but yeah, as in that Post, there is no crashlog :/
Servers don't generate crash logs, as far as I know. Only debug.log stuff. You can test with all your addons in local multiplayer maybe and if it crashes there, you got your crash dump.
Did you try to execute a clean version of the server (without any addons)? If you still have that error, can you try to change your server to a windows machine?
Even if, the crash happens randomly, and I cant really test that alone.. But yesterday I did something and my Server did not crash for a whole day.. I will see if it crashes again or not.
Seems like I fixed it, for now it does not crash anymore. I just set the CleanUp function from TTT into a timer.Simple() with 0
You should create an issue or a PR on GitHub (Facepunch / facepunch-issues) I've added this already, let's test it
Some addon/script is causing crashes and the solution is a 0 timer to hide the real problem? Please don't advertise your collection of addons you call a gamemode all the time here, which has actually nothing to do with TTT anymore. And please don't encourage people to use nasty hacks to band aid fix known gmod bugs which are bugging other developers at the same time. Get some code to reproduce the issue or send a crash dump to the devs. This way it's getting fixed. I think, it's in our own interest, to help the developers fix a crash bug within the game. The 0 timer isn't gonna fix the problem, it's just hiding it. The crash is most likely still going to occur. Your first advice at creating an issue on github was the right way to go.
I do know, but i wont be able to create crash logs, so I also wont be able to report the issue.
Ever tried putting -condebug (enables logging to console.log) and then checking the log file after crashes?
Wait a second. You said, the server stops responding. That's not a crash, that's an infinite loop or something different. This way it can't produce a crash dump.
I have the same problem since I started to run the TTT server (it's been 2 years).  On average, 2-3 times a week the server simply freezes and does not respond to any commands, I have to kill the server process and run it again, once in a while it happens that just after turning on the server will pass a few rounds and the problem repeats itself  I have never been able to find the source of the problem.
I've been running multiple TTT servers for 6 years now and I never had this issue once. I had crashing, yes, but never freezing. I guess it must be a Source/GMod-Bug triggered by certain conditions met by addons/maps/entities. Maybe it's map related? or entity related? Print yourself a table of debug info before game.CleanUpMap() runs. I'm very willing to help point the issue out. If you by any sort get a list of debug infos before the server crashs, I could try to help. For the start: mapname, player count, curtime, is it a mapchange, is it a generic round and a list of entities when the crash occurs.
In my case, the crash is not only at the beginning or end of the round, it can also happen, for example, during an ongoing round, so it seems to me that this has nothing to do with game.CleanUpMap(), but for now I will do as you say.
Oh, if it happens all the time, it could be something different. If you have ragdoll crashes, make sure to install my ttt anticrash, I posted a url a few posts before. If you don't want to, disable ttt_ragdoll_collide!
I've been using your anticrah for over a year, but the server is still crashing
Yeah, it's only for the ragdoll crashes sadly.
If it's completely random have you tried looking through your addons for the problem?
Yeah. I had this problem and it seems like ubuntu can't handle it, but windows can? It's a bit weird but switching to windows worked for me.
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