• Help me with F4Menu
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My Code - > ( https://pastebin.com/izXdf4qW ) My Error - > ( https://pastebin.com/exGpm4we ) Help me please)
PlayerDeath is not called clientside by the way.
Run a PrintTable on the DarkRPEntities table to see how the data is structured.
Tried did not help, in discord i can show?
Not sure if this will be any help but I found this old thread: Rules tab Which seems to imply you can use string.sub or string.gsub to get the entity's name if that's what you're trying to do?
I still don't understand. help me.
Do you have any entity in your entity's lua file ? Cause nil means there are nothing to show you.
Do as I said and check a entity's lua file.
have you tryed k.ent?
I don't know how to do this -> PrintTable(DarkRPEntities)
i think you can run it console but i'm not sure.
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