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Hi, When a DPanel is hovered, i'm just drawing something on it. On my DPanel, I have a few DButton, DModelPanel. But the focus prevents to draw the surface on DPanel when i move my cursor on them. Do you have any idea ? Thank you. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110872/3958001a-6e69-474d-b809-24c988a309b1/image.png
You could draw the DPanel inside the button.Paint function. You would first draw the button then but also could paint other elements.
The idea is to make possible drawing (on its parent - DPanel) when a button is hovered. Drawing on DPanel from DButton.Paint is impossible.
Detour Panel/IsHovered
Or just use Panel/IsChildHovered?
Panel:IsChildHovered is the solution. Thanks a lot.
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