• Eyeline tracing and placing
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I have an addon and i'm not sure how to: Make a custom 'holdable' item(no idea how to do this) Make it so when i hold it and look somewhere it shows a transparent version of an entity(how do you make a transparent entity at eyeline) Make it so when i click it makes that entity in place of the transparent version and freezes the entity in place so it can't be moved(due to collision issues) (would be nice if it wasn't able to be placed in walls)
Guys i've done it now so this post can be archived i guess
You can post here what functions did you use, some snippets, etc.
no it's not fully complete but all i did was change this a bit
Not the full code, just a couple of functions
posted the link to what i did it's just the chair throwing gun but with a different entity.
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