• Need Help with setting code
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I am trying to set up different staff ranks on my Clone Wars Server. Like CEO,Executive Director, Director and etc. I am not sure how I would make sure that adding that to the code for the jobs that I have will work. They are Custom Check, I am not sure I just need help with coding that into the job file and making sure it will work. I am just a temporary Coder for the server since the main one has to get a new PC,and the owner wants these added. I just want to make sure its all good and wont break anything. My discord Discord Cpt_Dan #0796
So instead of just putting the code in the server, to TRY IT OUT, you wanna add someone on discord so they can look at the code and tell you that nothing will break? 1. Wont happen since there can still stuff break eve if the code seems great. 2. Just go try it out..? thats literally how programming works. you try it out. and you use the errors the game gives you to fix it
Never actually used this, but this tool should be great for you to make sure you have no obvious errors anywhere: https://fptje.github.io/glualint-web/
oh wow, i wasnt aware that exists. Thats like the ultimate tool for every noob coming to this forum and being like "y dis not wurk"
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