• When Derma is unusable?
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Hello everyone, I noticed that sometimes when I set parents to my derma panels, they cease to function. I never know why, I was wondering if I could get clarification, and I'll show you an instance in which it doesn't work: https://pastebin.com/Ey542qs7 As you can see this is in a custom panel, and in this instance DNumberWang does not allow me to add/reduce its value, as if it were locked.
What type of panel is the parent? And, does that parent have a parent? Your problem might be that it doesn't have any EditablePanel parent, as indicated for example on the DTextEntry: A form which may be used to display text the player is meant to select and copy or alternately allow them to enter some text of their own . Do note that at least one of your DTextEntry's parents must either be an EditablePanel or derived from it (like a DFrame, for example), else it won't be able to focus and thus be unselectable. You must also call Panel:MakePopup on said panel or the DTextEntry will not work. This also applies to all types of panels that have any sort of writable box or so.
So that code snippit is in a function PANEL:setupAttributes() which is called in PANEL:Init() with self:setupAttributes(). The parent of self.attributeNumber is self.attributeName and that parent is self.scroll and that parent is is the panel itself which is an "EditablePanel"
Is that a question or a statement because I'm so confused
Statement. You asked what type of panel is the parent. I said that the DNumberWang has multiple parents and the panel itself is an "EditablePanel" EditablePanel -> self.scroll (DScrollPanel) -> self.attributeName (DLabel) -> self.attributeNumber (DNumberWang)
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