• How do i create burst fire for my SWEPs?
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I am creating a remake of M9K SWEPs, and i want to add 3 Round Burst, 2 Round Burst and 4 Round Burst codes to the SWEP base, but i don't know how to do burst fire codes, and making them selectable, like the weapons are full-auto and can be switched to semi-auto, i want to give the weapons the options to have full-auto, semi-auto and burst fire or burst-fire and semi auto. Can someone help me creating the code? Here is the original fire modes code in the base. function SWEP:SelectFireMode()                   if self.Primary.Automatic then                         self.Primary.Automatic = false                         self.NextFireSelect = CurTime() + .5                         if CLIENT then                                 self.Owner:PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTTALK, "Semi-automatic selected.")                         end                         self.Weapon:EmitSound("Weapon_AR2.Empty")                 else                         self.Primary.Automatic = true                         self.NextFireSelect = CurTime() + .5                         if CLIENT then                                 self.Owner:PrintMessage(HUD_PRINTTALK, "Automatic selected.")                         end                         self.Weapon:EmitSound("Weapon_AR2.Empty")                 end end
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