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How would you code in get how many players are on a server on your website with HTML? Like this site has [url]http://www.gameserverdirectory.com/search/garrys-mod/[/url]
You can't use HTML but here's a method to do it in PHP: query.php [code] <?php /***************************************************************************************** * Smart Panel CFX * You may edit the files and you may use this software as a commercial company. * You may NOT release your own version of this software at any given time! * This software belongs to its perspective person and addionally software to their own. * - www.realchamp.dk - * This software is free. And you may install it as many times as you want. * There are NO bindings. However we'd appreciate your feedbacks at our forums. * You will find it here http://forums.realchamp.dk. * Smart Panel CFX © www.realchamp.dk 2009 ***************************************************************************************** */ // CODE... function query_source($address) { $array = explode(":", $address); $server['status'] = 0; $server['ip'] = $array[0]; $server['port'] = $array[1]; if (!$server['ip'] || !$server['port']) { exit("EMPTY OR INVALID ADDRESS"); } $socket = @fsockopen("udp://{$server['ip']}", $server['port'], $errno, $errstr, 1); if (!$socket) { return $server; } stream_set_timeout($socket, 1); stream_set_blocking($socket, TRUE); fwrite($socket, "\xFF\xFF\xFF\xFF\x54Source Engine Query\x00"); $packet = fread($socket, 4096); @fclose($socket); if (!$packet) { return $server; } $header = substr($packet, 0, 4); $response_type = substr($packet, 4, 1); $network_version = ord(substr($packet, 5, 1)); if ($response_type != "I") { exit("NOT A SOURCE SERVER"); } $packet_array = explode("\x00", substr($packet, 6), 5); $server['name'] = $packet_array[0]; $server['map'] = $packet_array[1]; $server['game'] = $packet_array[2]; $server['description'] = $packet_array[3]; $packet = $packet_array[4]; $app_id = array_pop(unpack("S", substr($packet, 0, 2))); $server['players'] = ord(substr($packet, 2, 1)); $server['playersmax'] = ord(substr($packet, 3, 1)); $server['bots'] = ord(substr($packet, 4, 1)); $server['status'] = 1; $server['dedicated'] = substr($packet, 5, 1); $server['os'] = substr($packet, 6, 1); $server['password'] = ord(substr($packet, 7, 1)); $server['vac'] = ord(substr($packet, 8, 1)); return $server; } ?> [/code] and then print your results using results.php [code] <?php include ('query.php'); $server = query_source(""); echo $server['name']; echo $server['map']; echo $server['game']; echo $server['description']; echo $server['players']; echo $server['playersmax']; echo $server['bots']; echo $server['status']; echo $server['dedicated']; echo $server['os'] ; echo $server['password']; echo $server['vac']; ?> [/code] Enjoy [editline]8th August 2014[/editline] Oh and you'll need fsock enabled on your web server.
Is there a way to embed this into an HTML website?
[QUOTE=UnderYouFive;45630365]Is there a way to embed this into an HTML website?[/QUOTE] HTML is plain text, it can not contain "variables" or anything like that. You need to use either Ajax to load a .php file or convert your loadingscreen to a .php
HTML Is static (Does not change). Other stuff like Java is dynamic (Constantly changing)
If you still need help with anything I gave you feel free to add me on Steam. Assuming your web host has PHP that is.
ik this post is mad old but im looking to do the same thing with mine, wherre would i fill in my servers ip and port
Please make a new post about this. Do not bump old threads
Thanks for sharing the solution of this so far i have learned alot from Fix Error code 0X0070002 helped me to solve the issue.
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