• Next Update v8 - February 2018 Update is out!
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Have a new page on me.
I would suggest not trying to reproduce it in that way, and instead try to experience it in the wild by joining servers after turning downloads off.
I replied to the GitHub issue with some test files and description of my set up, if you're willing to try them out. I am more than willing to help out in any way I can to try and work toward a solution on this.
I think the problem is clearly because it searches every missing asset from those 700 props inside every mounted addon folder and mounted game, kinda it's pretty obvious why it behaves like that
@Rubat , seriously please make a new thread to get rid of the ghost page issue.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/596/12e50860-4dd2-4f11-a124-931cffd271cf/2018-08-19_00-14-34.mp4 can we please get this fixed
I'm not "late", this problem will keep coming back once a page until a new thread is made (or the issue is fixed, whichever comes first)
Can someone tell me if they can reproduce this bug : PNG materials aren't rendering on the ToolGun screen, error() fi.. There is the code included in the Issue. I know other devs had this issue, and afaik, no one found a fix for it.
Any idea when the next update is coming out?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbjs-yRvL48 Fortunately, it doesn't kill FPS.
I'm pretty sure that alien swarm has directional lighting, so that would mean it's in the in the source code, and the valve wiki has it listed as part of alien swarm. The devs STILL haven't responded regarding shader additions that would benefit content makers and allow better compatibility between gmod and new valve games(i-i hope they r-respond ;~;)
Awesomium is no longer capable of playing YouTube videos: Replace Awesomium · Issue #531 · Facepunch/garrysmod
"Meanwhile at Gmod Cinema..."
Could the light trace be fixed on dynamic entities? right now they ignore static props which results in dynamic entities not being shadowed as they should. They could probably just test model collision for effective results. https://i.imgur.com/o1lOTHJ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/KQ8HQpS.jpg
There are no plans for that yet. I'd say 64bit/chromium is the primary focus right now. http://wiki.garrysmod.com/changelist/ This was updated. New stuff is prefixed with (20.09.2018) No update date is scheduled either, but I do want to push this update soon-ish, definitely before end of the year, perhaps before 64bit/chromium.
Thank you for replying, every day I went on the github/here to see if you replied regarding it. Again thanks
The next update will be released on 17th of October. This includes only the Dev branch. This will be a mandatory update, meaning servers will have to be updated before players can join them. This is necessary to ensure that all servers are running the latest version of the game, and to add some entities from HL1 as per community requests. Changelist was updated: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/changelist/ New things tagged with todays date as per usual.
Will the Chromium Branch be updated to be compatible with the new server version? Cinema literally only functions at the moment because of the existence of the Chromium Branch and its compatibility with Main Branch servers.
I don't see why not.
Has anybody ran into this problem before? Did you find any solutions? DynamicLight has no effect on map when combined with engine.LightStyle(0, "a")
https://github.com/Facepunch/garrysmod-issues/issues/2193 I see changes to setmodelscale. Does this address this issue in particular?
I'm struggling really bad everytime I check if a SetNWInt is greater than something and it returns a big fucking "ATTEMPTING TO COMPARE NUMBER WITH BOOLEAN", like seriously, I would love it to say "Did you just fucking set a boolean with SetNWInt stupid cunt?", I would be less offended by that!
Maybe you should use GetNWInt instead as this would return a number. SetNWInt returns a Boolean apparently, maybe true if successful.
Huuh, I obviously meant GetNWInt, if you make SetNWBool("Something") and then GetNWInt("Something") it will return the bool, also doing SetNWInt("Something", true) is completely acceptable, following all the SetNW/SetNW2 history you will find you how NetworkedValues were a mistake I would just throw SetNW completely, but NW2 won't update outside PVS and sometimes that's a deal killer
You shouldn't be using NWVars to transmit data outside of the PVS anyway - they're designed for prediction. Just use the net library for everything else.
I would never use NWVars for prediction, the right usage of hooks and understanding how prediction works is enough, those were meant to be used when you want to store a variable that you want always sync without that many hassle, I would rather to use SetupDataTables but using that for players is completely unreliable I use NWVars because I only require those fields to change every few minutes (Like names in NLR, last hit timestamp, wanted status) and I really need them to be sync, meanwhile if I'm looking for something long/fast phased, then I chose to use predicted hooks and net messages
What time today will the update go live?
3PM GMT, it in the Steam Announcement from one week ago.
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