• Garry's Mod board rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!
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This board is for Garry’s Mod content, Source Engine development, and Lua coding. Rules Standard forum rules apply. Do not bump threads more than a month inactive. Do not advertise or ask for server IPs, hosts, or developing and staffing services. No links to or discussion of warez. This includes pirated games and mounted content. No drama posts targeting specific players or communities. Discussion of community practices require moderator permission first. No discussion involving malicious activities, including cheating or hacking. Discussion of cheats for prevention purposes require moderator permission first. Thread titles must be descriptive - contents of the thread should be adequately described by its title. No [tags] in thread titles. All discussion of non-Facepunch websites, servers, or other external entities must be kept to one thread pertaining to said entity. Script exploits must be reported to the author or distributor before being posted publicly. Exploits regarding workshop addons or Garry’s Mod itself should be reported to robotboy655@facepunchstudios.com. These forums are not checked for bug reports or feature suggestions by Facepunch developers - those should be posted to the garrysmod-issues or garrysmod-requests repositories, respectively. Game code changes should be submitted as a pull request to the garrysmod repository. You may report infractions or appeal bans on Discord in the #forum-reports channel. Discussion or questions about these rules goes in the #forum-discussion channel. Section directory General Discussion - for general discussion about the game. Screenshots and Movies - for sharing content you have created with Source. Gamemodes - for gamemode discussion and releases. Addons - for addon discussion and releases. Developer Discussion - for help and discussion involving code or game behaviour. Help and Support - for help playing the game or running a server.
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