• The Good Old Year Of 2006! Community Workshop Mod for Garry's Mod
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Hello Everyone its me again and thanks for reading my CS:GO thread but my vid helps a little and I'm going to talk about the game that was re-released in 2006 as Garry's Mod 10 and how its going to be a mod I'm going to discuss and we'll create together. Its called the Good Old Year Of 2006. I played Garry's Mod 10 The real Gmod that is released (2006) since 2015 unitl last year 2017 and I loved it and its really different back then about 12 years. It has the phonged toolgun thats in the game good old looking spawn menu, Strong physgun grab and now wobbly physgun grab. and also old HL2 Vehicle position, The Buggy and it has a Tau Guass cannon that you see in the actuall game in HL2 but about 12 years ago and also the Airboat but no gun only the map in construct about 12 years has the airboat with the weapon to ride and shoot on. The toogun material is phonged and the shotting effects is really different and I abviously liked it. and thats all what is was back in 12 years. And now presenting to you and discussing about putting into the workshop and playing with it. There will be all old HL2 Viewmodels with HEV arm replacement to replace the C_model arms like the Combine, Chell and other into H.E.V edition and it works for Custom C_model arms to like exmple the TF2 Heavy player model it can replace all Custom C_model arms with the H.E.V C_model arm for all so as the toolgun the toolgun is now phong you can change it to old Toogun Material or you can change into defult material for the toolgun, and also the Gmod Fists the Gmod Fists viewmodel is going to be replaced with the Smod Fists viewmodel. old viewmodels are listed right here. .357 Magnum 9MM Pistol and fixed from Smod Redux Models Patch Shotgun Crossbow and Fixed Smod Redux Models Patch AR2 Pusle Rifle and fixed from Smode Redux Version 8 Smg1 and fixed from Smod Redux Models Patch Frag Grenade RPG Bugbait S.L.A.M Stunstick Gravity Gun and Super Gravity Gun Physgun Toogun and New Gmod Fists viewmodel from Smod Redux Version 8 There will be an old Spawnmenu that is back in 12 years ago Gmod 10 and you can change the color in 2 ways. 1 you can change it to old spawnmenu color syle to defult as in white and gray and 2 you can change it to Black and Gray style that was back in 12 years ago. New Swep The Super Gravity Gun and has a old viewmodel of it to for the swep. Old Physgun and H.E.V Material before Gmod 13 came and it has a old Physgun Beam, and strong grab to that it was back in 12 years when Gmod was released. and also you can change it the Physgun and H.E.V to in 2 ways. 1 you can change the Physgun and H.E.V Material to Gmod 13 edition but only its colorable is the physgun but the H.E.V is doesn't do color what is was back in 6 years when Gmod 13 was released and 2 you can change into the old Physgun and also the HL2 H.E.V material also. and the Gmod 13 Physgun material will work to of the Super Gravity Gun Swep but its going to be white no color for the super gravity gun just stays white for all times when you change the Physgun to Gmod 13 Physgun. And last but no least the viewmodel_fov Setting you can change it in the settings through the spawn menu in the Utilities or other kind of stuff depending on where its at it can go all the way up to 63 and thats about it and it can use viewmodel_fov for the toolgun to viewmodel_fov Setting to only through the spawn menu. That is all what the workshop mod is about and explained. thanks for reading. Sorry for a long thread I wrotedown. and I'm not a good developer to make this mod. if you go any questions and replies please let me know.
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guys there is actually is a dude I know of who created the old gmod viewmodels but its not fixed & finished yet. the link will be right here if u want to look at it. I tried & everyone tried to get him attention to update it & fix it that how everyone wanted it because some of the stuff ain't finished & it has to be fully H.E.V for all weapons & especially the fists. He forgot to put the stunstick in there so. He needs to update 4 weapons that should be fixed which is smg1, Ar2 (Pulse Rifle), Crossbow, 9mm Pistol also that way it can be fully completed. u can ask the dude questions or get him attention because what I did to get him attention, he didn't update the stuff at all. here is all the stuff he done & here is his profile to thank him for it of making the old viewmodels. but the smod fists are not H.E.V so he can fix that later. anyway have fun. I can't ask questions about the dude that u guys can show some love & support him because I can't say how broken the old viewmodels are. thanks for the support. The dude that u can support for making them - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079289068 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=936419194 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=940666432 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1399632202 The RP fists are broken also because they won't show up & doesn't show H.E.V suit hands. until its update then it will have H.E.V hands & it will always show up better than usual. but he Half-Life 2 Viewmodels fixed for the update will have (ar2 two handed from firefight reloaded), (pistol, smg, crossbow from smod redux models patch), medkit from obsidian conflict & stunstick from half-life 2 deathmatch.
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