• Looking for servers that need staff
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As i sayed on the title ive been looking for a server that i could help out as mod or staff, the main reason is that i really like the game and i like to help people out and get servers running, since i cant afford to run my own at the moment im looking for any small or large servers that need staff or mods to help out on that, i got 1000h on gmod beeing around 600h on the game doing development and staff administrative issues and being staff or mod or dev on other people servers or my own servers that i had thru out this years Regards Richard Steam Community
so basically you cant do anything helpfull. Every kid says "i can help" how? "i can support the server" yea, you cant do anything
i would like to get constructive criticismo or either if your just here to harras and be stupid id rather you just dont reply, but since we are at it ill do the favor of replying your "stupid" statement Over the years ive had duzens if not hundreds of servers fully developed by my self, and as a former developer and server owner alot of times i knew how hard it was to when it came to launch the server i didnt had anyone to be on it as staff to help out people and track down bugs or exploits people would find, since i had a job back then all my servers were made on my free time so i didnt had like 24/7 all day all week to be on the server overlooking it. Since im unemployed now ive decided to try to look for those "owners" now opening either large or small servers and lend a helping hand either as staff or with small codes, cuz i dont have the pacience i had back then to redo a full server. Hope i replyed to all your statements and have a good day
if you ACTUALLY had "duzens if not hundrets" of servers developet FULLY by yourself, you clearly could provide some work proof, some portfolio? Also you can go on Steam Community and make a post there. But like i said, you just said you had aloooot of servers developet FULLY by yourself, yet you dont show us any proof whatsoever. Your just here, saying you can be staff or mod.
No offering staffing services as per the sticky.
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