• NFOservers or GMCHosting
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Hello, I'm trying to decide which of these two would have better performance; such as being able to handle a ton of props and players. What are your thoughts? Thanks!
Check the reviews here - Steam Community
get an ovh instance, learn linux terminal, ???, take advantage of granola-bar tier hosting fees and profit
this? https://www.ovh.com/world/public-cloud/instances/prices/ what service do you use, cpu most important?
Truth be told I was running the cheapo base tier SSD VPS (VPS SSD1) because I'm a cheapass and wasn't doing anything super spectacular, but at peak I was running like 10 players ok with a gamemode I made for the summer gamemode comp. Again, probably not the best reference point as I wasn't doing something quite as intensive as I think the OP wants. If you do roll with it though, definitely go with whatever the highest CPU clock you can get is since they don't specify actual CPU performance. I don't remember if source dedicated server is 64bit or not, but I would imagine that by 4 GB ram stops being important if you're running a single server.
Also keep in mind that some people on this forum provide free VPS with multiple locations and with enough CPU to host 40-80 players depending on configuration.
Get either a dedicated server for huge gamemodes plus multiple servers or a vps for a shared fair usage virtual server. There are tons of tutorials on what to type in to get gmod running on ubuntu/debian and other linux dist. Good luck.
No asking for hosts as per the sticky.
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