• Making a Tool gun in real life
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Awesome title I'm working on a tool gun in real life for some time now. It's a little big challenge, but whatever. The original plan was only to print the name of the current tool in the player's hand to the screen without any interaction, but now it starts to look like a game controller... Checking a type of the tool from the game and draw the specific background on the screen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jn_RtYCZck For now, the work is mostly focused on a software. You can see only touch screen that will be attached to the toy gun with several electronics. In videos/photos here the touch screen is separated from the toy, because it's very uncomfortable working with all electronic modules together (and also I don't want to drain the battery, so it's plugged into a wall socket). The device will be completely wireless. For tests I did some time ago the battery/ies are empty quite quickly for a short time (approximately 35 minutes). Need to buy batteries with higher capacity. The basic purpose of the device is synchronizing most settings from the Q menu (mainly spawn lists and tools) between real tool gun and tool gun in the game. For example now the device can download any list with props from the game to the device and spawn them in the game after I clicked on the specific icon on the touch screen. Basically, I can spawn whatever prop I want. NOT WORKING WITH CUSTOM ADDONS (yet)! Main problem is with receiving texture data from the game and creating textures compatible with my device. PS. In the far future I definitely try to make custom addons support. That would be absolutely gorgeous! Cool transitions between scenes with touch gestures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYgq8ci6X1Q All textures are from the game except backgrounds in the first video. I spend a lot of time searching the right version of gm_construct map for take a photo and recreating images just like on the regular tool gun. It's not 100% accurate just because of the 16:9 image ratio, but naaah... Manually added props https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2g-soY10ek Icons are dynamically loaded after the list is scroll down or up so the count of icons doesn't matter and the lists can be loaded with thousands of icons without much VRAM memory load. It includes other categories like weapons, NPCs, SENTs too, but these are heavily bugged, so I can't show you. After I will fix other categories the next step will be the tool's part (the right side of the Q menu). I will be able to switch to any tool in the game and change the settings of the tool (moving with sliders, changing material/color) on the touch screen. Downloaded some lists from the game https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107172/ce56d7de-8c1c-4421-ae21-08fc0d53beeb/ezgif-2-fb580106ff4c.gif I had to make my own GUI with originally Derma design and communication with the game via wifi. The audio is working of course. Here you can see a concept how it might looks like (photo taken a month ago). Still lots of work to do. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/107172/2009943a-fc15-49bd-b1bc-a00c96fc0e61/IMG_20181024_235625.jpg I also managed to pair gyroscope with my device. In future I will try to make some "advanced stuffs" like setting the angle of the prop (like Weld Easy) or even manipulating with the player's view and controll physgun too! Then need to find a mini joystick for character movement and controll a whole game only with this device. It's very hard project because everything is new to me. I will do everything I can to finish it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-vI1oca9mU
When i saw the title i thought some kid wants to build a toy. But this is actually amazing
Honestly makes me wish that you'd look at the toolgun itself in gmod to bring the menu up instead of just popping the menu up
That's really fucking cool. Like Trackster said I assumed it would be a prop toy, not a legit fuckin' tool gun that works as a controller. That's next level. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing the completed project.
tbh the one thing it needs is a hastily drawn note and crummy wooden handle
This looks awesome, nice job!
Jesus christ
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