• Gmod Loading Screen Maker [No web server required]
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GMod Loading Screen Maker for Free --- Hello Server Owners/Developers! I've seen many Garry's Mod servers not having a loading screen installed and just drifting around with the default one. This could be, because almost all modern, good looking and up-to-date loading screens cost money and require a own web server to run. I think this has to be changed, so I made an all free gmod loading screen maker for everyone to use. But why use exactly this loading screen maker?: Entirely for Free No Web server required Highly customizable Responsive Modern Made by experienced loading screen developers Easy-to-use Admin Interface More information: https://lsm.8null.com/ Here is an example: https://lsm.8null.com/loadingscreen/?u=example1&demo Or watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/HNe2DfVDUn0 P:S. I know, I already made a thread for this some time ago, but I didn't like the title of it, since the name has changed and the thread really looked like a bad advertisement. I hope I could help you
little customization
Do you have any suggestions for more customization options?
This actually looks really dope, thanks from Hawaii!
Thanks Cool that you like it!
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