• How To Populate A Server?
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Ok, after a long, stressful, annoyance ridden time developing my server (with help from a friend) I have finally released it and... 0 players. I get friends on once in a while but i can't get new players on, and if I do get some on, they never come back. I'm wondering how to get people onto my server and for them to stay. Also I don't want to 'advertise' it on other forums or servers because that'll just make be look scummy. p.s i know this isn't the place but here is the ip:
You need good, and hopefully fresh content, a good wrapper (server name, theme, brand if you want to call it) and luck. Also, if you know this isn't the place, why still post the IP? It seems like you do want to advertise the server.
The best way is to order an advertisement on some channels, which are specified on Gmod letsplays etc.
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