• "No items matching your search criteria were found." in Steam Workshop
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Not too sure if this is the right place to discuss this bug since it's not a bug with Garry's Mod but actually with the workshop for the game. So, I browse the Steam Workshop on GMod for anything interesting that I might want to download. Often it takes about a second to change pages but every now and then it'll take at least five seconds before it stops loading the page and decides to say "No items matching your search criteria were found." This is also just from searching the workshop for addons, no searches, addon types or even tags used. The only workaround I've found is just to refresh the page and it'll show the addons that are on that page, except you'll find that the same issue will arise a few pages later. I've even found that this happens more frequently the more pages you go through for some reason, to the point where this message pops up on every new page... Personally I don't know what the cause of this problem is and I've only found it happening on the Garry's Mod workshop. I've also looked through Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's workshop and Fistful of Frags' workshop without this message showing up ever. No idea if this has been discussed before but I've found this to be a problem for the last few months, maybe longer that just a few months.
TBH i dont understand why you make a thread about it.. but its a big that steam has since steam exist. The workshop is crap. It often doesnt load, act like there are no items etc.
That is a shame. I take that they don't have all the resources in the world for all the traffic browsing for and uploading workshop content, I had a look through CS:GO's workshop again and literally after changing from the main page it gives me the message. Also, the smaller workshops flick through pages easily without the message showing such as Fistful of Frags. Just it's pretty shit and I don't really know anywhere else to download addons from which lots of people use besides the workshop.
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