• Facepunch Gmod server brainstorm
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After some discussion in the Facepunch Community Event Hub,some people showed interest in a gmod server to organize games in and suggested to make a thread to discuss any features or additions that people want to see in the server. As of now we are thinking mainly about TTT and addons relative to that but suggestions about other gamemodes or ideas are also welcome.
Dumping what I said in this thread for quick reference and some quick initial thoughts. There are some quality life changes that need to be made and some addons that should absolutely be installed. Knife to 1 hit. Jihad. HUGE MAP PACK. Anything else is optional, up for vote/debate. Make a thread about it and I'll take some time updating the GMod server that Reagy has installed on her box.\ Also that box that Reagy has is in France. Expect exceptional performance.
Has there been talk about any other gamemodes? I think have the sandbox gamemode/any other build mod at designated times for those interested would be quite fun.
If it is a build server i would really like to see daktech and acf as i see people use those two a lot (and me using daktech as i find it faster than making something out of acf)
I'd love to play some TTT again.
If you people need help with coding I might be able to help
Will be welcomed. Will hit you up on Discord.
it lives steam://connect/yoitsu.net:27069 use this to connect please subscribe to THIS though to prevent potential errors
Tell us if anything is broken, so far its just map voting currently. The fretta style system isn't kicking in for some reason but it'll get sorted or replaced.
Totally missed this. This goes in my favorites list! Along with Hogwarts rp and the last remaining populated cinema server
Minigames would be so good.. Used to play on a very good one but seems to be down now.
TTT Sunday night 7PM UK time. Be there or you’re a weenie
Didn't notice this went up. Awesome!
Today is the day,hope i can atleast be there for a bit.
we're palying NOW only shit thats broken is jihad bomb makes no sound WATCH OUT and no map vote but we can just pick a new map
It begins
Shit, that last game was hilarious.
What this duder said I'd say the only real complaint I have about it is a big-ass abundance of ttt_67thway, most of the maps that show up on the map voting screen are variants of it.
I think i might get on making a variant of 67th where the back alley behind the tunnel is closed off because it serves no purpose and maybe try to make the map a bit more open or have more ways to get around the map.
Do it It came out of the only huge 67thway map pack respectful enough to be played. I could remove some but could also not vote.
by the way will the vote system be fixed in the next event?
It was fixed mid game so I was told when I uploaded a new voting system.
don't cram every garbage scriptfodder addon that you can find into it, please.
We aren't don't worry.
lovely, that's already going to make this server better than almost every other server. let me know if you guys need some help optimizing lua shit for performance, i'm pretty good at that.
Launch the gas can, wood war now!
I've added some new things to the collection. Please double check the collection and sub to anything you don't have.
For some reason it reads 16 parts when i search in collections but in the link there are 17 (the kenshiro swep),maybe because i already had it installed?
That got removed because it caused some game breaking issues when you used it. Thriller on the other hand works completely fine. I still have the files so I may get the same person who just fixed Goomba Stomping (btw no more errors now) to look at this later.
Big round of changes. List of shit removed: Removed so many irrelevant 67thway versions.(We're now only keeping 3 versions. V14. V8 and V7KTT) Dolls is gone. Shit added: P90! This randomly spawns where there is a random_weapon entity spawn. So far Richland is the only confirmed map running it in some locations which means you may have to look for it. It's a better Mac10 with a much more powerful recoil and bigger clip. I may tune the damage but it deals the same as a the Mac 10. Loadout(maybe buggy). You should be able to use !loadout now(This will stay until people want to upload me .txt files for most of the maps to include random_weapon entity spawns. Want to help for this? Go here) Thriller gun(mentioned already but let's make it official). You can now make people dance as a traitor for 14 seconds where they will dance and sing Thriller. They will unfortunately die however. Holy Hand Grenade(this needs tweaking it's currently shit) ttt_slender_v2 ttt_castle_black_v14 ttt_metropolis ttt_terrorception ttt_office_nightfire(YEAAAAAAAHBABY) ttt_skyscraper ttt_krusty_krab ttt_lost_temple_v2 Double Jump As always please for all that is holy subscribe to the stuff you are missing to prevent minimal errors.
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