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Garry`s mod and photoshop https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/387290/5a127671-b884-4902-bc7b-859a63febe42/Встреча.jpg
Absolutely goddamn phenomenal.
The ammount of details is just fucking insane.
Thank you!
holy hell
Not even SFM could do such a good picture
Fuck I could only wish to achieve what you can.
That's nice to hear
I've got so many questions...
With pleasure I will answer them )
Can we please get a media/screenshot category for garrysmod on this forum? This deserves an own category! Beautiful!
A good idea :) Thank!
The detail is astounding!
If I had a printer I would hang this on my wall. This is incredible. Can we get a break down on how you did it? Particularly what your process is for lighting, colour, and post processing. I'd really like to be able to work to this standard some day.
Thank You!
Nice to hear!  I will try to tell you a little (I have to write through a translator, I apologize if something is not clearly written)  In fact, I don’t have any supernatural method, I just took it as a habit to make a frame from the game as qualitative as possible, and then less time is spent on its processing in Photoshop.  I also advise you to spare your time on your art.  I did this work for several months, and during that time I rethought and changed a lot in it.  Regarding the lighting (I attached a couple of frames for example).  I made more than 20 frames with different lighting (normal lamp).  I had to do shots with one lamp, as my computer was dying on the number of props and effects in the frame.  Later, I sifted out the necessary frames and glued them into Photoshop.  (original attached too)  Next thing for photoshop.  It is difficult to tell something here, because a lot of little things have been done.  Smoothed shadows, finished painting small details, bloom, fog, clouds.  He threw the texture of wood onto the trees, for they are very much in the eye. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/387290/860ff0bc-d692-4b18-a58b-297c6aa4be73/poster-18-11-25 21-34-31.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/387290/bf6d44ad-3cec-4367-bcb7-6e355ef32439/poster-18-11-25 21-10-59.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/387290/0f999ee7-b070-4fbf-90ba-7898c80e2c51/comeback.png
You could try using soft lamps, it can simplify the need from taking 20 different angles with normal maps if you expend the radius in soft lamps.
I recently started to learn them, in the following work I will use them.
Thanks for the feedback! Those before and after shots are handy, I can see what I need to be focussing on.
Superb work! Absolutely fantastic and refreshing! The details are praise worthy and the lighting and composition are equally good - your effort and dedication really show, aced
You're welcome!
for god sake! it's incredible man!!!
Thank you!
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