• Garry's Mod (DarkRP) F4 menu ERROR
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Hi i have a problem with the f4 menu in Darkrp i'm using the default f4 menu and when i take a job it should close after the job was taken but it doesn't do that and That's is the problem hope someone can help me with this here is the job (code) TEAM_TEST = DarkRP.createJob("test", { color = Color(255, 120, 0, 255), model = {"models/player/alyx.mdl"}, description = [[test job]], weapons = {"weapon_fists"}, command = "test", max = 0, salary = 0, admin = 0, vote = false, hasLicense = false, candemote = false, category = "Genral", PlayerSpawn = function(ply) ply:SetMaxHealth(100) ply:SetHealth(100) ply:SetArmor(0) end }) when you take a job it shoud close after but it dosent
you have a max of 0. How is anyone supposed to take that job if the mx is 0? it needs to be 1
i changed it still have the problem
why is Max blue? Just wondering so we can get to the bottom of this.
because it is also a keyword for lua for the max function
we need the script error chief
i am not getting any lua or script errors but i tried to reinstall darkrp and it seems to work again
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