• Problem with another game very similar to Garry's Mod DarkRP
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Hi! For me, It has been a really cool adventure playing Garry's Mod and its servers, but today I saw something sketchy. I saw a pretty similar game to Garry's Mod Darkrp witch is called "Electric State DarkRP" in Roblox. Most of the jobs are the same as in Garr's Mod. You can build your own shop. You can do pretty much everything, what you could do in Garry's Mod DarkRP. And it seems they have taken all the credits about the game. I don't really respect, that they don't link anything to the main game what they got the idea from, and this is totally free. It just feels like it is unfair to us, who had to pay money. Before there was a same thing about the Pokemon Brick Bronze witch got taken down by Pokemon itself. Just asking you guys, if you could do something simmilar. Link to the game: https://www.roblox.com/games/2262441883/Electric-State-DarkRP-Beta Pleasure to be here, Ennulustrumm.
You want Garry to do something about a game designed after a gamemode somebody else made for his game because people don't have to pay to play their version of the gamemode?
You know Garry didn't create DarkRP, right?
@ FPjte lul
Fuuuck these special tasks. The only one I know I can get is the bomb 15 bases and it's fucking hellish.
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