• Missing Triangles in Map (Hammer)
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So I've been working on a simple interior map in Hammer as in order to figure out the software for the first time (in other words, I have no idea what I'm doing), and I ran into a problem while adding railing to the loft, in which triangles are missing from the compiled map. This is a screenshot of the problem area in Hammer: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/392142/81bcbfe0-c679-45a1-9b7b-fdf588dc65c3/loftCornerHammer.png And this is what the area looks like in the compiled map when played in Garry's Mod: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/392142/2d3193db-9a18-4a11-a746-569496a2060e/loftCornerGMod.png So I have pretty much no idea what I'm doing, and I have no idea what is causing it. I would really like to get this fixed if possible, so any help is appreciated.
In the past I've somehow managed to create geometry which bugged out like this, but after relaunching hammer (having it re-open the vmf) the broken geometry was deleted (I think it gave me a prompt, but this was many years ago) In any case, try recreating that piece of floor and see if it happens again. You're not using displacements for the ground, are you? If need be, re-do it with multiple pieces.
I tried fully closing and reopening Hammer, and recreating the floor of the loft, but neither worked; the missing triangles are identical. I also have no displacements in use, which I can confirm through the compile log. If it helps, the compile log also says that I have "8 degenerate faces", and I get the following error in the developer console in-game: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/392142/bda77728-57db-47e1-a24a-3c77d49e8253/DevConsoleErrors.png
Yes those degenerate faces are the ones that are missing. I take it you used the vertex manipulation to get the specific shape of the floor? You may have somehow accidentally created a piece of concave geometry. Just try remaking the floor, using more pieces.
The floor wasn't made using vertex manipulation, but parts of the wall near the stairs were. I removed the wall parts highlighted below, and that seemed to fix the problem in that area: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/392142/67b3cc97-3f84-4ef3-81e2-d69925548e9c/DegenerateWall.png However, there were still degenerate faces on other parts of the loft that weren't anywhere near any geometry created using vertex editing. I created a tiny gap between the rails and the floor/banister, and that seemed to fix the problem. Perhaps the shape/location of the rails are confusing the compiler? Nonetheless, the map is no longer broken, but is there any way I can fix the problems caused by the rails without creating unsightly gaps?
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