• [NEED HELP] Marvel characters models to be rigged and used in game
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Hey all! So I found this website where somebody extracted all (or at least most) character models from the late Marvel Heroes game and put them out for download. Thing is, I'd really love to use these in the game, considering the relatively variety of Marvel characters available on the workshop, but I'm no good in modelling. I've tried picking up Blender multiple times and it always goes nowhere and the program I tried to somehow put them in GMod doesn't accept them. If somebody has the time and will to get at least a small portion of them to be useable in the game it'd be great and I'd love it so much. The models themselves are very simple for the most part, or at least I think so - no capes and wings and whatever models can have to make it harder to deal with them. I don't really have a lot to offer in return, other than thanks and appreciation, but I think the final things can be put out on the workshop for everybody to use so that we all benefit somewhat lol. Thank you in advance. https://p3dm.ru/xfsearch/Marvel+Heroes/
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