• DarkRP Auto model for Shipments
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If you've ever setup a DarkRP server then you may recall how frustrating it can be setting up things such as shipments. I wanted to share my way of avoiding a small yet annoying annoying part of making shipments hook.Add("InitPostEntity","cl3_loadshipmentsafterents", function() -- Wait for entities to load (inc weapons) so we can get a list of weapons local createshipment = DarkRP.createShipment -- Cache the original drp function function DarkRP.createShipment(name, tbl) -- Overwrite with a very useful functionality for the model tbl.model = weapons.GetStored(tbl.entity).WorldModel -- Get the model of the class provided createshipment(name, tbl) -- run the original code from drp with our new model etc end -- Your shipments would be below here DarkRP.createShipment("Colt 1911", {         entity = "m9k_colt1911",         amount = 10,         price = 5000,         separate = false,         pricesep = 0,         noship = false,         category = "Pistols",         allowed = {TEAM_EXAMPLE}     }) end) The above would be your shipments.lua file and the model will auto assign.
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