• HELP! How do i make it so that when someone puts out fire it gives them money
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I have a pyro job and a fireman job. I am trying to make the fireman earn money when he/she extinguishes the fire. PLEASE HALP!!!!
Not gonna lie, it probably goes over your lua skills (and the time you wanna spend for it) Cause that would require to code some kind of detect system for putting out fire, which you might be able to do when you have the function of the fire itself?
Yeah I don't really know how to do it. That's why i am asking you guys in my forum. A line of code and where to put it would be very helpful!
...no..you didnt read my message...this is not done with "a line of code"...
Indeed, you're more looking at several. Perhaps it could be linked to the extinguish function, there are a number of fire extinguisher SWEPs out there that I'm sure all they do is use FindInCone and extinguish any fire entities within, if you could detect when that was called and by whom, it could be used to trigger the give money function. I only know a tiny bit of lua so I could be talking out of my ass here.
alright well I am going to look into it ish but I am also going to wait for someone to please help
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