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hi i have a hp laptop with intel hd graphics 400 I got really tired of seeing those wierd lines all over models and maps so I decided to enable anti aliasing and I did enable msaa 2x then 4x and then finally 8x ye i know the fps is terrible but i find that 20-30 fps is playable for me at least but i did notice the hair on ragdolls (serah farron to be exact) has some wierd thin lines and it just looks ugly (on my computer it looks beautiful but that has gtx 660 ti) i recently looked in the graphics control menu and i found that there is another anti aliasing mode cmaa i read that it gives better results while it doesnt take up performance so i decided to enable it but in the settings in gmod there is no cmaa in the antialiasing box I then disabled msaa and i went to look back only to find that the box is locked(it just says none no msaa or other thing) I pretty much tried everything else but nothing seems to be working is this an issue with gmod or with the graphics? (i did check all the drivers are up to date)
Generally when you're experiencing graphics related issues, its best to provide a screenshot so we can see what you're seeing.
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