• MAC OSX players, help a friend!
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Hey role-players! I just bought a MacBook Pro 2017 with decent specs (for being an apple product). I would like to get back to Garry's Mod and play sometimes but I have an issue. Every single time I try to join servers, the loading screen freezes after approx. 5 minutes and then crashes. It is literally impossible for me to join a RP server without crashing. Prophunt, TTT etc works quite fine but all the other servers with DarkRP in base won't really work. SO, all you Mac experts, please help me out. Give me all tips and tricks you have on your mind so I can resolve this issue. Thank you!
Had the same issue once. I'd suggest you bootcamp to windows, I don't think there is a way to "fix" it.
Okay I used to be a MAC OSX user and the problem can’t be fixed, it’s caused by the framework that renders menus, this framework is old and no longer supported by the original developers. (Framework not made by facepunch) and due to the a change in the OS on macs there is a VRAM leak causing it to crash on addon heavy servers. So the fix as the person above said is to get window either though bookcamp or a computer running windows as the primary OS (PS enjoy the lack of punctuation)
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