• S&Box - "Garry's Mod 2"
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Anyone got some inside information regarding the prototype "Garry's Mod 2" called S&Box. Haven't heard from them in a long time now. What are you expectations and hopes for S&Box? What features etc. are you most excited for? The released feature that I love the most is the fact that you will be able to code the WHOLE HUD with HTML/CSS Let's discuss!
All of the progress stuff is being posted in Discord.
Ah that's right, totally forgot about that.
This post should be in https://forum.facepunch.com/prototypes not Garry's mod sub forum.
Yeah I agree, compared to Gmod, S&Box looks like freedom. I'm just so excited to see what servers & communities people will be able to create. Now with much more freedom, a lot of content that we have never seen before will now be new features.
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