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So we wanted to set up different Ranks for our community in our TTT-Server. We found a decent one - '[TTT] Scoreboard Ranks for ULX - Version 1.1.1' made by Decicus -. Everything works fine, but the standard rank is white (255, 255, 255). We tried editing the .lua file directed in 'lua/ulx/modules/sh/'. We used the code from 'addgrouprank' to make 'defaultrank' in changeable colors. It didn't work out as well as we planned, so now we want to figure out how to do so. Thanks in Advance
Those are ulx commands. You don't need to edit any files.
But aren't these ulx commands only working because we installed that folder? So it has to be written in the files. Is it even possible to change the color of the standard rank?
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