• Creating an Addon that Precaches other Addons
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Hello everyone, Has anyone else noticed that the way Garry's mod handles addons has changed? Let me give an example, in 2013, when downloading a ton of addons (I'm talking 300+ addons of varying sizes), you'd be greeted by a 3-4 minute long freeze. The game would always freeze if you downloaded another addon while playing, but after these freezes ended, you'd be able to use weapons, spawn entities, and go ham on your spawn menu with little to no lag at all. If you downloaded more addons than could be loaded into the lua table, your game would crash. Now, things are different. Sure, there's no big game freeze at startup, however, if you're like me and you love playing with large amounts of addons installed, you'll deal with a 3 second lag period anytime you want to load a new model, entity, or script that you didn't use in your current session. These tables are automatically cleared on shutdown or crash, and the amount of lag gets noticeably worse the more addons you have. So what's the problem? Three things: Gameplay immersion Fluidity Enjoyment The first problem is immersion. I used to get really immersed into Garry's Mod, and for the most part, I still do. However, it's really hard to get immersed into a game that stutters when you go to reload a gun or drive a car. The second problem is fluidity. Most gamers tend to enjoy a smooth experience. Thanks to Garry's Mod's addon management, your experience will probably be anything but that. This brings me to the third issue. Since enjoyment isn't really a quantifiable metric, I was hesitant to put this in here; but I digress. While I still enjoy playing Garry's Mod, I don't get as nearly as much satisfaction from it now as I did back in 2013. One of the biggest factors in this is the fact that despite cutting my addon useage by 70% (90 addons installed as a opposed to 300+) my game's performance is worse than it's ever been. I enjoy being able to have a massive arsenal at my fingertips without the need for a sudden 3 second freeze anytime I want to do literally anything. I'm tired of it and I want to take a crack at fixing these issues myself. TL;DR: I want to fix Gmod's addon precaching by making an addon that will automatically precache all models, scripts, lua, etc. before your game even loads up. This will ensure a buttery smooth performance and no annoying stuttering when loading new addon models for the first time in a game session. However, I don't know how to do this. The closest I ever came to this was an addon that I found on Github that was intended to preacache clientside legacy addons. It no longer works due to the many changes within Gmod's code. I might have been able to modify it and make it work if I knew how, but I've since lost it and don't know if I could find where it was uploaded. I'm looking for a group of lua coders who might know a thing or two about what I'm talking about and would be willing to help me make this addon a reality. If anyone can help, please respond to this post.
3 minute initial load time and a bit of stuttering whenever you spawn something new OR 10 minute initial load time and no stuttering whenever you spawn something new at the cost of memory gtao takes literally 8 minutes to load and i can tell you that no one likes it while yes, in theory, an addon like that would be somewhat useful if your mind jumps from idea to idea on a dime, you need to think about the other side. precaching everything first will tremendously increase the load time and memory usage, and what happens if i never use everything? now my ram is being throttled because it has to hold onto all of these models in anticipation of spawning them. i feel like this is something like communism: good on paper, bad in practice
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