• RP Truenorth VMF
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As promised, I released the bugfix and improvement update, and the VMF with it. Please read and follow my rules if you will be modifying my map. Rules If you are editing the map, it must be renamed as follows: rp_truenorth_v1a_"Your Map Name Here". In your workshop upload, you must give credit to me with a link to my workshop page. You can use the following code to link my name [url=https://steamcommunity.com/id/Statua/myworkshopfiles/?appid=4000]Statua[/url] You must also include the following people in the credit: Brightness - Environmental Parameters Tonacane - Friendly Canadian Help Katazuro - Lua Help Redmist - Lua Help TFlippy - Clouds Sgt Skckness - Assets TopHattWaffle - Assets Ajacks - Assets Valve - Assets Infra Dev team - Assets If you are using parts of my map for another map, please give me credit. Info The map requires Havok's Custom Map Compilers to be compiled properly. Some content is embedded in the original .bsp and needs to be extracted Here's the parameters I used: vbsp -notjunc -AllowDynamicPropsAsStatic -NoDefaultCubemap vvis vbsp -both -final -AllowDynamicPropsAsStatic Alas, here is your download.
Mirror: https://s.gvid.me/uw/mirror/fp/statua/truenorth/rp_truenorth_v1a_vmf.7z
As always, thank you.
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