• Lighting difference between props and brushes
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How can I make the lighting on props and brushes be more similar, even tried with -staticproplighting, it gets worse. Any help?
screenshots pls ?
Oh yeah, here it is. Left - prop_static; Right - brush (func_detail, doesnt matter though) Compiled on fast: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/152811/108481c0-6b06-4132-96fd-2886b5eb282e/2.png Compiled on HDR Full compile -final (slow!) with -staticproplighting (which is supposed to make it better by lighting it per-vertex, not from the origin only): https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/152811/3eb7aff2-0311-4ef9-a9c0-0c7ade618672/1.png How can i make this transition smoother at least, if not possible to completely eliminate it?
As far as I know - it's impossible. Just try to find another way to do it. For example turn into brushes only triangles, which are touching the brush.
Thanks, but, well thatés exactly what i don't wanna do. Maybe i can mask the transitions with pillars or something. Im open to solutions though
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