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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/216541/1ff3a7e8-353f-4749-a0ec-da366f675d8f/heavycombine_2.jpg I wanted to try something new with soft lamps where the entire scene is an interior, but the light comes in just from the ceiling and then bounces around the scene to create a lot of soft yellow light rays bouncing from the ground and illuminating the interior.
Very nice work my dude
As always the level of quality is very high but I feel like this is one of your least impressive works, I won't lie to you. It just feels kind of one-note.
I love it! Can i use it for wallpaper?
Digging the contrast between the architecture and the high-tech soldiers
Sure, go for it. Yea, this one was more of a test for light bouncing in a single room from the floor. There wasn't much depth in the story and all.
A nice little piece you have here CK. Those are cool models but I feel like they would serve your pic better if they weren't blocking it.
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