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Yes, absolutely. Look on the Workshop for Overwatch characters that have "Player Model" (or PM) in the title or description.
If you do this in gmod you can do almost anything. it's an old rugged engine that was hacked into a rough sandbox and the possibilities are endless. https://youtu.be/tM9wwLsdn30 ^ This creative lad created a functioning mech. That's fucking whack. I could never make a mech. Legit jealous. https://youtu.be/EvSw216yADY ^ Here's a tank someone made. I used to make little cars all the time and then fight them in a ring. It was a fun time. It even shoots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijv_n5jYD-Y ^ Here's a helicopter, a more advanced thing to build. It demonstrates the kind of things you can build pretty nicely I'd say.
i found here d.va's player model,are you sure that she has the abilities and the mech suit she has in the game?to me it looks like it just replaces my character's appearance with her's.
That is exactly what it does. You need a SWEP for the mecha functions.
what's a swep?
Scripted weapon, basically using LUA, a programming language Gmod was built off of another game that runs an engine from 2004, and gmod itself is fairly old. really you're not going to see out a lot of tech from new games.
can you use jet thrusters, wheels, npcs, etc. in minecraft? no. can you play with more than a total of eleven other players in overwatch? no. you can build a robot that shoots things, don't even know where you're going here. this thread's great
What you fail to understand is, this is not a bug the Facepunch developers can solve. You want to know who can? Valve, because Valve is the one with the source code to Source. Garry's Mod is built on top of Source, but all the Gmod devs have control of is their own code. If something breaks in Source because of something they did in Gmod, they can't fix it. There are three layers here: The Source engine <- the problem is here Garry's Mod <- Facepunch Studios can only fix problems here Community-created game servers and game content <- the community is responsible for this This bug isn't unfixable but you are totally clueless about who would be capable of fixing it while calling the Facepunch devs lazy, so how about you "shut the fuck up".
Sure! Here is the whole Talon team in Half-Life. Had to do my own Doomfist tho https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/239377/a60f58da-2b9a-4f6c-9ca4-3050e1727c34/derp.png
Have you by any chance heard of the Steam Workshop?
Loadingue i don't know if you are reading this but you are a fucking liar. i just asked people on steam if i can play overwatch with bots and they told me i can't.
Wtf how could you lie to our dear friend @lifewill , @Loadingue
You saw the Workshop. How can you even think I lied when you saw the characters for yourself.
Gmod can't even emulate overwatch exactly, what a bad game my mom banned me from playing overwatch, should stop lying
so how do i play overwatch on this game with bots?
you are pretty thickheaded i must give you that
"i wish the pc gaming communtiy didn't have this many trolls who either straight up lie to me or hide truths from me about pc gaming." god how pretentious can you be?
You probably don't realize that you cannot simply make something that is from another game without coding it, porting the models/textures/sounds etc, be it weapons, machines whatever. How do you think Overwatch weapons behave like they do in Overwatch? Its the way they were programmed, by the game developers. You can do anything in GMod, surely, but it has its limits. If you want something, make it yourself, that is what GMod is for.
Lifewill I don't want to come off and sound mean but how old are you? Just asking.
that raises even more questions
Oh god this thread is pure gold. Look dude, garrysmod is a sandbox game, use your fucking imagination. And no you can't emulate a game 1:1 in gmod but you can do so much more. If you want to play overwatch then just GO PLAY OVERWATCH. I really don't see what the problem is here
On the Steam forums lifewill   27 Jan @ 12:25am  i wish the pc gaming communtiy didn't have this many trolls who either straight up lie to me or hide truths from me about pc gaming. gmod is just one other failed promish. I'm hurt ;'(
if this heckin idiot @lifewill doesn't shut up im going to say the f word
ake all of my coins. Just... take 'em, they're worth the laughs.
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