• Make HDR Skybox?
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Well, since HDRShop is not free anymore, i can't seem to find a program that will make a proper .PFM file. (Tried with photoshop, doesnt work). Help please
https://bitbucket.org/edgarv/hdritools Grab the built version of qt4Image That'll let you open most HDR formats (and thankfully, OpenEXR) and save it to PFM (Portable floatmap). From there follow the rest of the guide: HDR Skybox Creation Appears to work fine for me.
Interesting, however i wasnt clear enough. I actually want to make a hdr cubemap, plus VTEX does a 6th face which CSGO doesnt support. rip
Follow: $envmap And it should? support 6 directions (FT, BK, RT, LF, UP, DN) since that's what's generally required for cubemapping. It might not support 7, since that was used for spheremap. In any case with VTEX you can either include or not include the directions, so just include 5 or whatever in the collection when you send to VTEX.
BTW, this program only opens PFM files. I need to create a pfm image from a normal one.
I think GIMP supports exporting OpenEXR or Radiance (.hdr), then use that program to convert to PFM. If not, Krita does do OpenEXR.
Ahh, nvm. To make a cubemap my screen should be 4x bigger than the cubemap, thats why it said 2048x2048 (4x512) is bigger than my screen resolution... Resized with DSR (Dynamic Super Range). Now works fine. Thanks though : )
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