• Make a bigger cubemap?
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Hi, i want to make a 1024x1024 big cubemap. However there is no such option in hammer. Max is 256x256. Using SmartEdit in hammer, i saw that the max (256x256) value corresponds to 9. made it 10. Now, it wont give me build them cause the cubemap resolution wants to be 2048x2048. WATAFAK VALVE. rip?
Honestly, you'd better off trying to make do with 256x256 or find another way. What do you want it for?
Maybe try 9.5 lol
lol. I actually tried, works like 9.
I've had that issue in GMod sometimes when trying to generate cubemaps at one resolution under my native 1920/1080. Changing the resolution back to 1920/1080 always fixed it.
Oh, that is not the problem though, i just really want to know which game permits building 1024x1024 cubemaps.
I get it now.... It says 2048x2048 because my screen needs to be 4x bigger than the cubemap..... (512*4 = 2048..) I use Dynamic Super Resolution in nvidia to change resolution to 4k.
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