• Reduce VTF resolution
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Basically i have an HDR texture. Howver I need to reduce it's resolution from 2048x2048 to 1024x1024 because CSGO doesnt let me build a 1024 cubemap (f u valve) But if i export the vtf to tga i lose all 16bits of info (no hdr anymore). I can't resize it in VTFedit. (It is technically possible to go edit the VTF with a hex editor, and delete every other pixel, manually, but no human can do it) help
GIMP should have a plugin for native VTF support, but I'm not sure if using it removes the HDR.
ahhh i get it how to make a 1024 cubemap size.... (if anyone needs this as well) Your screen needs to be 4x bigger than the cubemap size (use Dynamic Super Resolution in nvidia to change resolution)
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