• Old contraption from back in the day. was wondering if anyone remembered it.
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Been lurking here since mid 05 never posting. I remember a contraption from back in the day that was a pretty big thing that I can find any evidence of (and the map it was made on) pretty much I just wanna know if it even existed so I know I'm not crazy. it was a huge thing called the moocow mk something on a map called gm_hugeflatgrass. Back when you shared save files for contraptions.
I'd guess you're talking about the Tyrannis. It wasn't named Moocow, but it was made by a user of the same name. Fairly famous back in the day, and it's about the same vintage (~2006 or so). I still have the save file here (thanks to my hoard of ancient shit from GMod's golden age), but I have no idea if it would work or not. The map is included in the file upload, as I think Tyrannis predates gm_hugeflatgrass by several years.
Sorry for two day bump of my own post. work/life busy. That looks similar style wise to what I'm remembering but it was more of a flying fortress. and map wise I'm not sure now about the name anymore its been a long time and I've slept/drank beer since then. Only reason I even posted in the first place is I'm surprised how buried the old days of gmod are. even trying to find old map packs is a challenge.
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