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Hi, Im in need for help as currently I only play and really enjoy 1 server that ive been playing for 200 hours, that server is supremacy networks darkRP server. About 4 days ago I was getting a small issue that bugged me quite a bit, my advanced duplicator wasn’t working and eventually after re-downloading the game in attempt o fix this problem my server wouldn’t load again. Its now been like this for 4 days and I spend hours trying everything I can think of to solve this problem, but I cant and im running out of thought, Ijust don’t know what I can do and I really want to play on the server, ive even tried reseting my whole pc but still, didn’t work. It starts to load and then once it gets to Downloading maps/graghs/rp_downtown_sup.ain it stops and doesn’t pass that. If I try switching to download map only or to do not download custom ffiles it goes straight to sending client info and gets stuck on that (the longest ive waited for it is 2 and a half hours, still nothing). Please help me   Thank you.
Reinstall Garry's mod
Next time have a more descriptive thread title.
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