• Pulsar effect gmr gamemode
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You're clever.
O why thank you sir. ill be releasing the other gamemodes also
21 mb? what the shit [editline]12:44AM[/editline] Nvm i like your awesome lol
lol other pulsar gamemodes coming out soon ina couple minutes
What are you doing
releasing all the PE files
[QUOTE=Spacewolf;18288303]What are you doing[/QUOTE] He got paid $200 to do this.
[QUOTE=huntskikbut;18288344]He got paid $200 to do this.[/QUOTE] By who?
no i didnt blackfur paid me $175 dollars yesterday and then he started talking shit so fuck PE
[QUOTE=CaMeRoN187;18288321]releasing all the PE files[/QUOTE] Also Fuck yes.. After you release lets Leak them on gmod.org then on svn.. then even on the Pulsar effect forums
lawlz 1 second lemme fix this
[QUOTE=CaMeRoN187;18288414]lawlz 1 second lemme fix this[/QUOTE] After you leak it all i should call him and say that it was leaked and then he will rage LOL
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