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[img]http://eagle.undo.it:8083/index_img/wintersurvival_logo.png[/img] [table] [tr][td] [url="http://eagle.undo.it:8083/download/?id=30&act=url"]Download the latest for GMOD 13 Beta [img]http://eagle.undo.it:8083/download/?id=30&act=img[/img][/url] [/td][td] [url="http://eagle.undo.it:8083/download/?id=31&act=url"]Download the latest* for GMOD 12 *No longer working, no longer supported [/url] [/td][td] [url="http://eagle.undo.it:8083/project/?id=7&act=info"]Link to this project [img]http://eagle.undo.it:8083/project/?id=7&act=img[/img][/url] [/td][td] [url="http://wintersurvival.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/"]SVN Repository trunk[/url] Username: wintersurvival Password: read-only [/td][/tr] [/table] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwDtWoTUC5U[/media] Video: Spectator mode as crow [b]Description[/b] Abandoned in arctic terrain, you must fight for survival by hunting local wildlife and eventually turning to cannibalism. Sate four different needs by warding off cold, hunger, thirst, and fatigue. Build a fire to keep warm, fences to keep cannibals at bay, and bows to hunt. [table] [tr][td] [img]http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/1498/svsnow0011copypv1.jpg[/img] Slot inventory [/td][td] [img]http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/411/svsnow0038copyuq3.jpg[/img] Recipe screen [/td][/tr] [tr][td] [table] [tr][td] [img]http://img236.imageshack.us/img236/6877/svsnow0037copyxt3.jpg[/img] Inventory screen [/td][td] [b]Constructables[/b] Campfire - Stay warm and cook Fence - Keep cannibals at bay Barrel - Stow away heavy inventory [b]Weapons[/b] Rock - Crude, but effective when thrown or swung Wood - A little more reach Axe - For that extra damage up close Bow and arrow - They never had a chance [/td][/tr] [/table] [/td][td] [img]http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/2176/svsnow0050croptz3.jpg[/img] Axe composite [/td][/tr] [/table] [table] [tr][td] Contest Version: 264 Latest RC: 306 Latest stable: 289 Download: [url="http://eagle.undo.it:8083/download/?id=30&act=url"]r306[/url] [/td][td] Archive [url="http://eagle.undo.it:8083/download/?id=30&act=url"]r306[/url] [url=http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=46999]r298[/url] [url=http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=46599]r264[/url] [url=http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=46579]r254[/url] [url=http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=46550]r252[/url] [url=http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=46444]r245[/url] [url=http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=46431]r242[/url] [/td][/tr] [/table] [b]On [i]ALL[/i] of your posts[/b] [highlight][i]Please[/i] tell us what version you're running.[/highlight] We will ignore you if you do not post your current version when version is relevant. [b]Known issues[/b] 306: Bow is held backwards Weapon animations are somewhat broken Crow anti-stuck feature is broken, leaves behind garbage bugbait Inventory slot numbers are not drawn [b]Changelog[/b] 306: [CHANGE] Updated to work with Garry's Mod 13 Beta 298: [CHANGE] Pigeon and grave do not collide with player [ADD] SVAR system [FIX] Tree registration [FIX] Pigeons can no longer pick up items [FIX] New round and end round conditions [ADD] Custom map scripting framework [ADD] info_player_start to spawn list 289: [FIX] Players are now moved with the pigeon to maintain a healthy PVS [FIX] Various bug fixes [ADD] Damage cap for thrown projectiles [ADD] Cawing [ADD] Building rotation [FIX] Suiciding now leaves a grave [CHANGE] Reduced amount of meat from human kills [FIX] You can no longer build inside of players [FIX] Fences can no longer be looted [FIX] onInvUnSelect called when a player is killed/reset (Fixes view models carrying over rounds) 264: [ADD] Birds can be killed by projectiles (No melee yet) [ADD] Large meat bonus for killing other players [CHANGE] Removed dynamic lighting for campfires due to exploit [FIX] Round start/end behavior malfunctioning 254: [ADD] Help 252: [ADD] Framework for context-sensitive help (Not to be confused with an actual help menu) [FIX] Missing corpse entity due to SVN client error 245: [FIX] Ghosts appearing after dead [FIX] Timer display [FIX] iBdata (Campfire ghosting with error) [FIX] concommand.Add was run clientside 242: Initial release [b]Mapping[/b] Make two [i]info_target[/i]s. Position each in opposite corners of a rectangular item spawn area. Make sure the difference in height is one inch. If you want to double the number of items spawned, make the difference in height two inches. Parent one [i]info_target[/i] to the other [i]info_target[/i]. The child [i]info_target[/i] should be named "survival_spawn". The parent should [i]not[/i] be named "survival_spawn". [b]Remarks[/b] The help menu is [i]on[/i] by default. Rather than have everyone tortured by the newcomer that doesn't want to access the help menu, we can simply afford to clutter their HUD with basic information (until they figure out which key is for help). If you think the HUD is too cluttered, you probably haven't died yet. [b]Lead Coder[/b] - Night-Eagle [b]Coder and Public Consultant[/b] - Termy58
We have a building and item system that makes it extremely easy to add buildings and items. The buildings have ghosting and everything you expect to make it easy to build. Fire effect from Jinto. [img]http://www.termy58.com/ws/firepublicity.jpg[/img] When you equip an item you actually hold it, axe is in the image dump! [img]http://www.termy58.com/ws/rockpublicity.jpg[/img] My image dump is [url=http://www.termy58.com/ws/]here.[/url]
This is a lot of fun, but right now kind of confusing.
It isn't confusing if you've played the GMod 9 gamemode. :) Is that the same map as well?
This was awesome in GMod9. I can't wait until it's released :D
[QUOTE=earthHunter]It isn't confusing if you've played the GMod 9 gamemode. :) Is that the same map as well?[/QUOTE] Don't worry we have a mapper and he's been working nonstop on a new map. It has a huge fissure, and is basically surrounded by ocean.
That's not true I sleep for 9 hours between days of work.
[QUOTE=earthHunter]It isn't confusing if you've played the GMod 9 gamemode. :) Is that the same map as well?[/QUOTE] Well they haven't finished coding yet when i was testing, it was really good from what I saw. Amassing hud too.
This and shipping and handling? Is that allowed?
Cool Menus...
[quote=GCC Rules]# Many entries per person/team is allowed, but not recommended.[/quote] This is completely legitimate (if weather is a prominent enough theme in it). Good to see this making it to GM10 - GM9 couldn't really provide inventory-wise due to the fact all drawing was sent from the server, slowly and agonisingly. But please, actually finish a gamemode for once! What was the last gamemode you finished and polished?
Fuck yeah! I loved this back in Gmod 9, but it was buggy and crashed a couple of times.
looking good, hope to see this actually be released and played =)
God damn it Night-Eagle. I started making something similar to the gm9 version of this. I got most of the base coding done, too (all modular). I guess I should just give up now. :(
[QUOTE=SnakeFace]This and shipping and handling? Is that allowed?[/QUOTE] Why wouldn't they be?
[QUOTE=youaremea]That's not true I sleep for 9 hours between days of work.[/QUOTE] [quote] youaremea: i had a dream... youaremea: and it should speed up production :P [GATM] Termy58: lol! [GATM] Termy58: this should be good youaremea: :P it was just a smarter way to finish the last walls [of the fissure] [GATM] Termy58: you have dreams [GATM] Termy58: about Hammer youaremea: only when i work this hard youaremea: it helps me solve problems[/quote] I think I won.
Oooh cool! This looks great! I was wondering if there was going to be another weather gamemode.
Looks nice.
iostream and myself started a winter survival gamemode back in the early days of gmod10. This looks good. Although the GUI looks a little blocky in my opinion.
I posted an update of the weapons in WS2 (see Axe in image dump) and an example of the buildings you see in WS2. Also feel free to suggest buildings and weapons, it's very easy to add them and were running out of ideas for them.
Spaceport. Or if you don't like that a slingshot made out of the elastic in the underwear of people you eat. And ammo out of their teeth if you really want to get effective use of all that corpse has to offer. Rib knife, replacement shoes(they always wear out on television), glasses to light a fire? Honestly I don't know too much about this so I'm sorry if anything I said is already in it.
hey night-eagle, i can't send a pm for sum reason, but i was wonderin if i could post an unofficial cse v1.4, unless you already got it handled.
What quite does this have to do with transport and weather? [/unrelated] Looks cool, pretty much like a decent version of Gmod Survival, but in the snow.
Oh fuck yes, I remember this. It was my favorite gamemode in 9.
[QUOTE=Calvin_Chin]What quite does this have to do with transport and [B]weather[/B]? [/unrelated][/QUOTE] Is this a joke? :raise: Seems pretty obvious. If you can't figure out it's surviving in harsh weather.
[QUOTE=Termy58]If you can't figure out it's surviving in harsh weather.[/QUOTE] Admit it, that's tenuous at best, unless you are getting knocked over by snowstorms.
But the only weather is just snow... I don't think snowstorms or anything is gonna affect gameplay... And the transport part.
I've been told the snow can put out your fire, it isn't much(just what little I know about the mod) but it proves the weather can make surviving harder(I just don't know by how much).
[QUOTE=Calvin_Chin]But the only weather is just snow... I don't think snowstorms or anything is gonna affect gameplay... And the transport part.[/QUOTE] It's weather or transport. Not both. There's no gamemodes out that do both. Your just trying to troll :P Also we plan on having snow storms that mess you up pretty badly.
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