• My explosion sounds are way too loud and I dont know how to fix them
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its not the normal explosion sounds that are way too loud BUT the other explosion sounds are earraping I found the sound files that are way too loud the sounds are the `ambient explosions` the ones that are used with mods such as: gbombs, simphys cars, etc. whenever I explode a gbomb, explode a car the sound destroys my ears and I wish to be able to nuke gm_flatgrass and smash cars violently against walls without having my ears bleed as though it happened in real life. I do have a video to show what it sounds like https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/322241/4a4f4ef3-2b79-4111-86ec-37f7c474f354/Half Life Source 2018.09.16 - the audio is not edited in anyway
Explosions are loud.... ? Since when?
it sounds like literally 20 different sounds are all playing at once. do you have the sounds playing in a loop on the client or something?
I noticed that too Im not sure why its like that tho
@YeetMan You might have to check if some sound files were added through a traditional addon or were somehow added to the main directory at {SteamDir}/steamapps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod. You should be safe in deleting the 'sound' folder if it's present and checking if anything's installed in 'addons' might be adding their own sound files.
Most likely caused by the Lua errors.
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