• Workshop just simply won't display anything
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Hello Tried to use the workshop so many times; chrome, firefox, in-game, etc. But it never bloody displays anything. The front page loads, but that's it. I try and view anything specific at all and nope.avi. This is what I'm seeing every time in-game or otherwise: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/245821/ef59855c-de06-4c49-8ac9-1903d98246c4/image.png The fuck do I do? It's been like this for months, and I have no addons lol
I don't know about months ago, but it looks like the entire workshop has this problem right now, for every game. It's a problem on Valve's end, so the only thing we or the Gmod devs can do is wait for them to fix it.
I've asked other people but they don't seem to have this issue. Boggles my mind lol but am glad there is some explanation for it
If you want to fetch a specific addon without the need to scroll through, you are probably going to be able to get results by googling it in your preferred browser instead. I am aware that this is a question of convenience but I have never concluded the Steam Search feature to be that useful anyway. Adding too many or too few keywords usually makes it trip over and die regardless. Searching for say... "prone mod garrys mod workshop" yields the results that you would expect. If you want to fetch a collection of addons, knowing beforehand where they are, you can search for the collection and you should be able to bypass the stalemate of the workshop here as well. If you want to find the trending addons in the now then we're all probably going to have to wait, unfortunately, since there isn't really a way to apply that filter without hitting a wall.
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