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Hello, I currently have a zombie survival server and added a mapvote. This is the solidmapvote. I had to manually create a function to sstart the mapvote at the end of the round. So here is the function called at on round end: function GM:EndRound(winner, nextmap)     if self.RoundEnded then return end     self.RoundEnded = true     ROUNDWINNER = winner     self.EndTime = CurTime()     RunConsoleCommand("stopsound")          ...     timer.Simple(15, function ()         RunConsoleCommand("solidmapvotecmmd")     end) end In my votemap I also wrote a command.add to use it in my function GM:EndRound function SolidMapVote.start()     local maps = SolidMapVote.selectMaps()     local counts = SolidMapVote.createWeightedPool( maps, SolidMapVote.mapPlayCounts )     SolidMapVote.isOpen = true     SolidMapVote.startTime = RealTime()     SolidMapVote.endTime = SolidMapVote.startTime + SolidMapVote[ 'Config' ][ 'Length' ]     net.Start( 'SolidMapVote.start' )     net.WriteTable( maps )     net.Broadcast()     SolidMapVote.sendPlayCounts( counts, true ) end concommand.Add( "solidmapvotecmmd", SolidMapVote.start ) The problem is that at the end of the round, the mapvote is created but many times, bringing glitches, because the command is runned in every player console. I really tried a lot of different things but nothing worked, if anyone as a solution D:
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