• Advice on how to achieve certain effect?
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I'm just wondering if this certain type of effect is even possible in gmod. The effect is the static distortion between going into escape menu and getting there, and leaving it and it closing. Effect: Screen capture Still shot of effect: Screenshot Screenshot From what I can tell, the bloom is increased and so is the ToyBox (gmod function), but I'm not sure how to actually get that distortion effect. Maybe something to do with stencils?
Shader overlays like the ones that you can enable in sandbox. If you can get overlays overtop the ui, an animated refraction normalmap should do the trick.
I have no idea how to do any of that. Is there a guide you could link me to learn shader overlays and an animated refraction normalmap?
Dunno man. Google knows a lot tho.
Apparently not, I googled for a while and found nothing on animated normalmaps for gmod, or how to use gmod functions for it. I found the answer though.
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