• Server not responding.
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For some reason everytime i'm trying to join one of my friend's games it says Server not responding. But they can join each other servers. I tried everything like router restart, pc restart, trying to connect from game console and nothing works! Any solution?
I also found this error in console: Couldn't include file 'autorun\client\!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0.lua
If someone knows how to help you they will reply. Have you tried completly reinstalling Garry's mod and unsubnscribing to all of your addons, then tried to join the server?
It's working after i re-installed all addons
Have you portforwarded your gmod? It fixed the problem when I had it, and we didn't even need hamachi to join my server anymore. The main port is 27015, you could look up how to port forward your gmod server and there's a bunch of tutorial vids out there.
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